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Dec, 2022

What's happening in 2023?

Below are just some of the key updates that will be seen starting with the 2023 season, which can be found as part of the full breakdown on

  • Tournament Mandatory Play/Continuous Batting Order: One of the significant rule changes starting in 2023 is focused on Tournament Rule 9, replacing the previous tournament mandatory play rule with a continuous batting order requirement for all divisions of tournament play except for the Senior League Baseball and Softball. Additionally, based on this change, Tournament Rule 3 (D, Baseball; E, Softball) has been updated to note that the previous tournament special pinch runner rule now applies for the Senior Division only, while providing a courtesy runner option for all other divisions of tournament play. For a full breakdown of the new Continuous Batting Order, please download the FREE Little League Rulebook App or visit Little League International will continue to provide more information and education about this change, and all others, in the coming months closer to the start of the tournament season.


  • Senior League Tournament Eligibility: Another update that will be made starting with the 2023 season was made to provide flexibility to local leagues in the Senior Divisions of tournament play to place a player on a tournament team roster regardless of regular season participation, removing the previous six regular-season game requirement.

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