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Nov, 2022

Positivity Amidst Pandemic: What We Can Learn as Parents

A recent article in the Washington Post  titled “The Little League World Series bubble [due to Covid] shows it: Without parents, the kids are all right” commented on how refreshing it was to see kids without “parental interference ...where these ballplayers have giggled after beating a tag, cried after getting pulled from the mound or shimmied their hips and danced as if no one was watching.” 

And while the pandemic has had a significant negative impact on children, COVID did force some situations upon us that may have been positive. As Jason Sabo, Ph.D., site supervisor at Lee Health’s Pediatric Behavioral Health Practice, wrote, “...the pandemic can allow our resilience to shine through and show our children how to make the best of even the worst situations.”

As we return to school and youth sports this fall, families need to continue to focus on creating a positive environment for kids and a number of PCA resources can be helpful:

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